Yoanes Bandung

Pasphoto Yoanes BandungAfter obtained bachelor degree from Electrical Engineering Program Study in Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia, I served as Graduate Research Assistant at Microelectronic Center ITB from 2000-2008. During that period, I also served as Graduate Research Assistant at ITB Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Research Center. After finished my doctorate degree in 2008, I joint to the School of Electrical Engineering ang Informatics (SEEI) ITB as a Lecturer. At the SEEI ITB, I am affiliated with Information Technology Research Group.

Since 2009, I have been delivering undergraduate as well as graduate courses at SEEI-ITB. I teach Digital Signal Processing, Multimedia System Engineering, Computer Networks, Discrete Mathematics, Research Methodology, Service Oriented Architecture, Introduction to Engineering and Design I, Introduction to Information Technology, and IT Service Management courses. I supervise student engineering projects (final projects and theses). I also involve in the management team of some program studies such as curriculla team and final projects/theses team. In 2013-2014, I was delivering Computer Network and Security for master program on chief information officer (CIO) at the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP), Indonesia.

I am actively involve in some research projects in the areas of Communication Network, Quality of Service, and Multimedia Internet tehnologies. I have a great passion on the development of society, particularly for rural society, through Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Since 2009, I was very involve in the rural teacher community development program through ICT that has been conducted by ICT Research Center ITB with case studies in several rural areas in Indonesia.

From 27 December 2013 until 27 June 2014, I was undertaking Post-Doctoral research in Frederick University of Cyprus with a scholarship of Erasmus Mundus STRoNG-TiES Program coordinated by City University London – UK. It was my great experience to involve in the great environment for doing research at the Networks Laboratory (NETLAB), Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Frederick University of Cyprus.

I can be contacted at the following email adress: ybandung[at]gmail.com or bandung[at]stei.itb.ac.id. Thank you.

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